1.(2)What role does a container play in the two layouts?
 To start to use Flexbox, all you need to do is create a flex container using the display: flex property. After that, every element that you have inside that flex container turns into a flex item.
CSS Flexbox

2.(1)What is Flexbox best used for?

Flexbox is a one-dimensional layout system that we can use to create a row or a column axis layout. 

3(6).CSS grid is better when:
List (and in your own words add a one sentence description)
        a You have a complex design to implement - It is best to use if you want to get a bit more creative and have a complex, but unique kind of design to your website.       
        b You need to have a gap between block elements - Its best to use when you need a bit of "space" between your columns and rows.   
        c You need to overlap elements - Its easier to overlap elements and use them when doing stuff with grid code kind of like in the grid garden game.    
        d You need a layout-first design - Its better to use when you have an idea of what kind of layout you want to create already. 

4(5). Write code to make a flex box horizontal row containing 4 boxes evenly spaced. The boxes should contain the induvial words of the Koala menu system

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5.(1)How many dimensions (directions) can you build in Flexbox ? 1 or 2 or 3

 1 dimension


6.(2)What CSS Grid best used for

 CSS grid is a two-dimensional layout system, we can work withs rows and columns together, which means that it opens a lot of different possibilities to build more complex and organized design systems, without having to fall back to some “hacky ways” that we were using in the past.

7.(1)How many dimensions (directions) can you build in CSS Grid ? 1 or 2 or 3

 2 dimensions

8.(6)You should consider using Flexbox when:
List (and in your own words add a one sentence description)
        a You have a small design to implement - Instead of like a newspaper ad section that has multiple parts, maybe you want to write an article that has only has few colums and rows, this is where flexbox would come in handy.                  
        b You need to align elements - Flexbox is a great way to keep things look in order or in other terms "aligned."
        c You need a content-first design - is the way to go if you honestly don't know what to do or style your page like.   
9.(5)Write code to make a CSS Grid containing 4 boxes layout. The layout boxes should Use the semantic HTML5 elements with words in the boxes to match.  Or to say another way.
Build a simple application, and the barebones CSS Grid to include a layout of a header, an aside menu, main block content, and a footer.
Show the code.

10.(1)How many dimensions (directions) can you build in CSS Grid ? 1 or 2 or 3

  2 dimensions