Animations! WOOOOO!!! :D

Personally I really like animation XD These animations I learned how to do actually on Youtube and Codepen except I experimented with some the gradients and other stuff. I first learned some of my own animating in Action script (Digital Animation class in high school) and Khan Academy. I also do some keyframe effects stuff in some of the video projects I have made on CapCut for Tik Tok lol

**NOTE!: This was made for an assignment for my Advanced CSS class. All the credit goes to the people I learned the tutorials from! I used the videos on how to make some unique animations to create some awesome css stuff and  then did a twist and changed up the colors and design to make it a bit more unique!**


Neon Text plus others, also has a Codepen code to view how it was made!Credit goes to the person that made the code on Codepen and the also showed the tutorial on the code in the Youtube video link that is found in the description of the video I attached.

I liked this water wave one it was pretty cool! I learned it from here below. Credit to Online Tutorials for the tutorial!