Unit 1

CSS Preprocessors


**Info on CSS Preprocessors**

CSS preprocessor is a program that lets you generate CSS from the preprocessor's own unique syntax.. To use a CSS preprocessor, you must install a CSS compiler on your web server; Or use the CSS preprocessor to compile on the development environment, and then upload compiled CSS file to the web server.

With the freedom and capabilities that comes from using variables, mixins, and functions, CSS preprocessors can keep your stylesheets well-organized, flexible, reusable, and more maintainable to help you write better and cleaner CSS code.

Compilation takes longer time, they can produce very large CSS files and extra tooling and developer inconvenience.

Some of the Preprocessors include: SASS, Stylus, PostCSS, LESS and Compass

CSS values are set against CSS Properties and reside within CSS declaration block, which is a part of the CSS rule / statement. CSS 2.1 allows following types of values : Integers and real numbers, Lengths, Percentages, URLs and URIs, Counters, Colors, Strings, Unsupported Values. The value is what the chosen CSS property will be changed to. In our example, we are using the hex value of #000, which is CSS shorthand for "black."

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