Doogies Music & Party Venue

"Always groovy and a blast at Doogie's"

Doogies Music and Party Venue

Doogie's Music & Party Venue is the place to be! Whether its conferencs, parties, weddings, concerts, or whatever it may be, we are the perfect place for your awesome event scene!

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📞 1-800-163-7897

Video of one our concerts that happened our venue!

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Doogie's Music & Party Venue 
497 Evergreen Rd. 
Roseville, CA 95673 
+44 345 678 903 




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    Wedding event-Dec 2021 • Family

    Simply amazing!!! We had the best time ever at our wedding!! This was the best place to have our event at. Great location too!     

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    Max T. - Jan 2022    

    The concerts here are sooo flipping amazing bro!  They do an amazing job with each show that is there and with the band's ideas they can come up with an amazing stage setup to make every concert one to truly remember. 

About Us

Doogie's Music & Party Venue is the perfect place to hold your events at! "It's always groovy and a blast at Doogie's!"  

The company has been in business for more than 20 years, and even one of the best venues in America according to in the Rolling Stone's "10 Best Music Venues in America"